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   Public ShareFolder - Download
Public ShareFolder v1.5 Release incl. manual Download: Zip-File, 3,5 MB
Last Update: February 015th, 2018

Public ShareFolder version 1.4 supports all security settings of the "Advanced User Management" without minimizing any security setting of Microsoft Windows Vista. Public ShareFolder creates its own Windows user for the network connections.

If you install the new release version, you must uninstall all versions 1.3 or older in your network.

Version 1.5 can be used in the same environment with the older version 1.4

Advice by using antivirus software and firewalls:
If you use for example Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Sercurity, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, Panda Platinum or Sygate, please check the F.A.Q. number 4 on this website for necessary configurations of your antivirus software or firewall.

Link to F.A.Q. number 4:

Restrictions of this demo version:
It allows maximum 10 simultaneous connections. After 4 hours you will have read-only access to the shared folders. To get full access, please restart the Public ShareFolder Server program and the Outlook® clients. You have all the time full access and all functions in your personal folders! There are no other restrictions.

Test license
If you want to check Public ShareFolder without the time restriction for 21 days, please send us an e-mail to: info@publicshareware.com

We will send you a test license key without the 4 hour time limit for 10 users and for 21 days.

New in der Version 1.5:

  • PSF support for the current prerelease auf Microsoft Outlook 2010. (02/2010)

  • In the dialog "Datafiles" the column "File" no shows the configured Server- and Username instead of the Path to a file, which is not available.

  • Using Outlook 2007 in few cases following could occour:

    - Outlook does not terminate correctly.
    - Outlook freezes at creating an appointment or choosing Tools->Options.
    - Outlook does fetch mails, but does not show them.

    Version 1.5 is adjusted, so Outlook 2007 will no more show one of these behaviours. It is sufficient to update to version 1.5 on those client computers. It is not necessary to update the server in these cases.

Public ShareFolder v1.4 incl. manual
This version will not be continued.

The Version 1.5 replaces this version completely.

Public ShareFolder v1.3 incl. manual Download: Zip-File, 3,1 MB
This version will not be continued.

We provide this version to maintain your existing installations.

New in Version 1.3 (December 15, 2006):
  • Public ShareFolder supports Outlook 2007.

  • The Public ShareFolder Server window can be resized.

Changes in Setup-Application (September 09, 2004):

The setup (server and client) takes account for the changes of the Windows® XP Service Pack 2. Server and client are applicable using Windows XP Service Pack 2 including the new Windows XP Firewall. This is achieved by predefined firewall exceptions. Besides that the setup will reenable the network-, DCOM-connections which are additionally blocked by the Service Pack 2.

If you did update an existing Public ShareFolder installation to Windows Service Pack 2 and only the changes need to be updated, you can install Public ShareFolder over your current installation, without uninstalling it before.

New in Version 1.2:

  • Outlook 2003: Both Client and Server can be used under Outlook 2003.

  • Setup changed: The DCOM interface of Windows will be explicit enabled during the client and server setup. This is the default setting of a Windows® installation.

  • Client changed: Return information from the server are now not handled directly in the DCOM security context of Outlook. Resulting authentication problems are eliminated by this.

  • User rights: The granted right "create folders" implies now the right to rename the folder.

  • Bug fix: Copying a large amount of data several times (i.e. > 1000 mails) did result in a error message:
    "Can't copy the items. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again."

  • Bug fix: After changing the settings of an existing client configuration, the changes (i.e user, password, store) will now be taken in all environments correctly.

Update from Version 1.1 to Version 1.2:

If you plan an update from version 1.1 to version 1.2, we recommend following proceeding:

  • Please quit first all connected Outlook clients and then the Public ShareFolder server.
  • Make a backup of the folder "data", which is contained in the application folders of the Public ShareFolder server.
  • Deinstall now the version 1.1 on the clients and on the Server using "Control Panel"->"Software".
  • After installing the version 1.2 on the clients and the server, restore the saved "data" at the original place.
  • Finally start the server and the clients.
  • If you want to start the server automatically at Windows start, activate this Option in the server settings.