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Sorry, the actual full FAQ-Website is until now not available. We try to reload the FAQ´s as soon as possible. 06/06/2013

4. Support / FAQ

1: How can I install Public Sharefolder as Windows® service?

2: Can I install Public ShareFolder Server also on a Windows® Terminalserver?

3: Does Public ShareFolder also work with different Outlook® versions (Outlook® 98 - Outlook® 2013) in one network?

4: Can´t connect to server. What can I do? (generally information)

5: “Can´t connect to server”: After click on "list" the Combobox is empty, although the Combobox can be opened.

6: “Can´t connect to server”. Error message: The file cannot be opend. Element was not found.

7: “Can´t connect to server”. Error message: "The Public ShareFolder User is unknown!" "The Public ShareFolder Password ist wrong!".

8: „Can´t connect to server“: Error number: "8000401a (DCOM)"

9: „Can´t connect to server“: Error number: "800706ba (DCOM)"

10: “Can´t connect to server”: Error number: "80070005" or "80080005" (DCOM)"

11: Does Public ShareFolder also works with an Exchange® server in a network?

12: Which Ports use Public ShareFolder?

13: Can the Public ShareFolder Server also be installed over a remote access?

14: By the start of the server I get the Error message: " WGF32 of modules occurs a problem and must be terminated.

15: When I open Outlook® I get the error message: "The reminder service cannot be called. The folder "Reminder" is missing."

16: Public ShareFolder cannot be added over the services and/or Data/Datafile Management, because it is not listed here. The installation was successful without any errors?

17: When selecting the "Public Folder" the error message comes: “The folder can not be open”. The file “D:\Office\Outlook\outlook.pst” cannot be accessed, because it was changed by another process. Close all all Mail applications and start it new.

18: The Client of Public ShareFolder was complete deinstalled. When start Outlook® I get an error message that the server cannot be connected. How can I deinstall the client completely?

19: Is it possible to select a „Public contact folder“ to add an email address if I click on the “To” field?

20: I cannot delete items in the "Public Folder", although I have the right to delete.

21: How can I recognize in the "Public Folder", who created an item?

22: How can I exclude generally an email account in Outlook® 2000 from the receipt of emails?

23: How does Public ShareFolder works? Is it a synchronisation program or an add in?

24: Does Public ShareFolder support also a sharing of Outlook® Express datas?

25: Is it possible to hide complete Public Folders with Public Sharefolder?

26: Can I backup the „Public Folder“ PST file if the Public ShareFolder Server is running?

27: Can I purchase this product also over wholeseller?

28: What are the cost for updates? Is the payment a yearly fee?

29: How does it look with advancements?

30: Does Public ShareFolder run with all Outlook®/Windows® versions? Does it also works in a "mixed" Outlook®/ Windows® network?

31: How can a Handheld (Compaq Ipaq, Palm, Windows®CE) be merged and which settings must be met?

32: How many licenses are necessary, so that 4 workstations with Outlook® can access the same PST fil (all with same rights)? Are only 1 user (1 license) necessarily?

33: Can calendar, contacts or any other folders be administered with reading and writing rights?

34: Can I close a "Public Folder" also for a single user?

35: Which is the difference between Public ShareFolder and NetFolders?

36: Why I can´t connect to server after installing the Service Pack 1 for Windows 2003 Server?

37: Does Public ShareFolder works also in the "Internet Mail Only” mode? (only for Outlook®98 or Outlook®2000).

38: Must be the "Public Sharefolder client" also be installed on the "Public ShareFolder server"?

39: The reminder function is not supported in the "Public Folder"? Why?

40: Is it possible to send internal mails with Public ShareFolder?

41: How does Public ShareFolder behaves with the SP2 security update of Outlook® 2000?

42: Before I install the full version, do I have to install first the demo version?

43: When I click on “send” I get the error message: “For the transmission of messages no service is available” (only Outlook® 98 and Outlook® 2000).

44: What is the meaning of the Public Sharefolder (PSF) error message: "Error 8004010f — Get Stored Failed."?

47: What is the meaning of the error message? 0x8xxxxxx// Get store failed!

51: What is the meaning of the error message: “0x800F0003 / demo timeout reached”?

52: What is the meaning of the error message: “0x800F0004 / license expired”?

57: How can I automatically backup the “server PST” file on the server?

61: How to backup Public ShareFolder settings and the "Outlook server" PST?
Is there a way of automatically shutting down Outlook - for backup, and restarting?