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Public Fax (at present available in German language: 09/2003)
The Outlook®-based central fax solution for small and medium-sized businesses!
Send a fax as easily as you send an Email
Public Fax is a client-server solution for small and medium-sized businesses which sends and receives a fax as simply as an Email.
Directly into and out of your "Personal folder" or in a "Public mail receipt" as central fax receipt in Outlook® without tiresome extra folders.
Public Fax is the central Outlook®-based fax software with mail integration for up-to-date digital communication.
The server software, based on Windows NT®, offers the highest comfort for businesses that prefer central data management.
Effortless dispatch of documents to a special addressee or to a whole group of recipients, independently of whether you write your document directly from Outlook® or via Word®.

You choose the recipient with a mouse click in your Outlook® address book. The actual transmission of the document takes places without any further action - immediately or delayed, as simple as Email.

The transmission takes place in the background: you can carry on working immediately.

All faxes are transmitted in a standard "tif" format without. There es no need of a special "Editor".

Cover sheets are added centrally and automatically. You can use personal or company-related cover sheets as desired.

Personalized serial faxes are supported by the mail merge function of Outlook® using Word®.

Public Fax Journal fully records all information in the process: transmision duration and time of day, number of redialing operations, the name and telephone/fax number as well as the person to whom you have forwarded the document.

Journals and message functions give information about documents transmitted and received. Access is targeted and detailed.

Telephone system connection with Public Fax is no problem. Connection to the telephone network is directly by ISDN or your telephone system.
Public Fax

The Outlook®-based central fax solution for small and medium-sized businesses!
Benefits for your business
  • Public Fax allows a seamless integration of available application programs.
  • Public Fax facilitates the central receipt of faxes via Email.
  • Public Fax integrates itself seamlessly for all Outlook® users.
  • Public Fax can be scaled as desired.
  • Public Fax is easy to administer.
  • Public Fax achieves fast return of investment.
  • Public Fax server is based on stable Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 Pro, Windows 2000 Server™ systems.
  • Public Fax offers optimal protection of investment.
Advantages for the user
  • Public Fax allows fax transmission and receipt directly at the familiar working environment.
  • Public Fax transmits faxes as easily as an Email.
  • Public Fax permits the configuration of a "holiday stand-in".
  • Public Fax prints transmissions onto standard paper.
  • Public Fax transmits from Outlook® without learning effort.
  • Public Fax makes direct use of the Outlook® Address book.

Our products support all current release versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Microsoft beta versions will tested by us, but there is no entitlement to support for Microsoft beta versions.