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The tool for all form developers! DocMessageClass changes the message class of Outlook® entries, so that also later provided forms can be assigned.

An installation is not necessary. You can run DocMessageClass direcly. A detailed description of the functions is shown after the program startup.

For Outlook 97-2007.

Zip-File, 174 KB

Public ShareFolder - Today

The "Outlook Today" page for the "Public Folder" of Public ShareFolder.

Shows also the shared appointments and tasks on your "Outlook Today" page in Outlook.

Developed and provided by the PublicShareWare Team.

For Outlook 2000-2007.


Public Fix SearchFolders

Supported languages: English and German

Outlook normaly delets temporary search folders entries by itself, but sometimes the search folders are not deleted. Our tool will help you to delete the wrong temporary entries.

This freeware tool works without installation. Just run the executable file. This tool is without a manual.

Short description: Select one folder after the other in the tool and delete all folders with a name like "Search Folder", "Search Folder1", "Search Folder2" etc.

Thats it. Developed and provided by the PublicShareWare Team.

For Outlook 2000-2007.

Freeware Tools are unsupported software by SDMD.
Zip-File, 51 KB


With QuitOutlook you can shut down Outlook at a particular time. To start QuitOutlook you only need to add the script into a scheduled task of Windows®.

Then you are able to backup your Outlook data file (*.pst file) easily and uncomplicated.

For Outlook 2000-2007.

Zip-File, 37 KB

Public SF Tools

A Tool to simplify the administration of the Public ShareFolder server.

If you like to import a large number of users, you can import the users with this tool.

You can create a list of users in a Microsoft Excel sheet and save this as CSV file (comma-separated file). With the "Public SF Tool" you can import this user information.

A helpfile (readme.txt) is attached in English language.

Zip-File, 126 KB